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Memorial speech to Sankar Rao

      Dear Sankar Rao:
      It was heart broken moment to be shocked by a message you had left us forever. World got dark and road lost it's marks to guide me to right place at the night when I drove home.
      You were so young, it's too early for you to leave this world toward another world. Beautiful life had just started for yourself, your wife and children. They are wondering where are you going forward and what can they expect the life. They do need you as husband and father.
      You had been worked with us for 10 years. Your colleagues loved to work with you together to create our unique business model to serve our customers. You were ready to resolve problems and be helpful to every body in the team. We need you to be with us. You were kind to your friends, corporative to them, helpful to them in deed. You were honest to God. You provided your hair to God when you got the job of Million Link as your wish. You never forget to be honest to Him.
      My wife never call you Sankar, instead, she calls "your Indian brother". My brother SANKAR, why did you leave us so early? Why didn't you apply God to stay with us longer?
      But SANKAR, we know no one can change the mind of God, no one can change the natural power. This life might be short and suffering, next life can be long and prosperous. Be hopeful, be patient. Don't worry to your family, they will be taken cared by us. Your children will grow up to be professionals of being helpful to the society. They will be proud of you and be your pride. You will be in their heart and our heart as well forever.
      God bless you.

      Gang Xia


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