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Welcome you, Mr. Manoj Kumar Thakur.

Dear Manoj Kumar Thakur:
You are welcome to join Million Link according to the employment contract. It is excited time to Million Link team that a world class steel expert, multi industries management guru is going to work with us together to build up Million Link Steel Eco.
Bringing investment and consulting business to Million Link group is right time while India is eager to perform "Make in India" strategy, and China is performing "Two Economic Belts and One Silk Road" international economic exporting strategy. Merging China capital, technology, surplus productivity to India will tremendously improve bilateral investment and trade. I believe the Investment and Consulting business of Million Link will be very successful in social effect and company profit under your leadership and devoting.
Million Link trading business has been becoming a successful, world effective organization. Traditional trade model plus modern management tools create power. I believe, the Trade team will introduce clients opportunities to the Investment and Consulting team, and the Investment and Consulting team will contribute business relationship, supply of turn key projects to the Trade team as well. Trade team and INC team works together collaborately is the key for success of either wing, and for great success of Million Link as One.

Here below I introduce headquarters leaders to you.
Management team:
·CFO        Nelson Wong        nelson_wong@millionlink.com
·CFOA        Sunny Wang        sunnywang@millionlink.com
·Capital and Bills executive        Amy Wang        amywang@millionlink.com
·Sales assistant        Darlina Yang       tender@millionlink.com
·Purchase assistant        Easdy Lee        tendera@millionlink.com
·Corporate secretary        Ann Wan        annwan@millionlink.com
·CIO        Shaojie Chen        soft@millionlink.com

And great branch officers:
·Mr. Qiang Li, director and GM, Million Link (Tianjin) International Trade Co.,Ltd.
·Ms. Neha Gambhir, director and GM, Million Link (India) Smelting Pvt. Ltd.
·Ms. Helen Wang, director and GM , Tianjin Million Link International Transportation Co.,Ltd.
·Mr. Hailong Wang, director and GM , Tianjin Million Link Ferroalloys Ltd.

God bless you and Million Link.


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