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Rooster year statement of Million Link

Drafted by Gamil Shekh
Approved by Board of Directors

To All Staff Members of Million Link (China) Investment Ltd.
As the Year of the Monkey comes to a close, it gives me great pleasure to report that the Million Link’s financial year 2015/16 has seen some significant gains not only in our operations but in the overall business environment in the industries we serve. By the end of the current financial year, we may expect to see Turnover increase by 75%, the second highest in the Company’s history, over the previous year with a significant contribution to profit for the year.
A major reason for the improvements in our trading and financial performance has been the result of some important changes Management made during the year in the way the Company operates. To achieve this level of performance, we have focused more on fewer, key trading partners in selected countries such as China, India, Korea and Japan, accounting for over 60% of our Turnover and over 70% of our purchases. More importantly we owe our success to staff being more pro-active on customer relations, improved supply chain management, quick decision making and better margins management.
The Directors of the Company have set an ambitious goal for the financial year 2017/18, with target growth in Turnover of HKD 400,000,000, equal to the highest in the Company’s history. With such Turnover and improvement in profit margins, the Directors are confident that the Company can achieve record net profits also. Our investors and partners are encouraged by our improved performance in 2016/17 and we are actively putting in place an aggressive business plan to increase our credit facilities to support our higher sales targets.
The Directors believe that 2016/17 is an important milestone in the history of Million Link (ML). Since 1999, ML has sincerely and professionally served metallurgical industries worldwide continuously. From sourcing from one country we now source from 25 countries. From selling to one country, we now sell to 69 countries. From serving just one product, we now serve 99 products. We now have 41 employees worldwide and are represented in 5 locations/ countries.
We want to remain a leader in our industry, and to achieve this purpose, we plan to constantly build on our strengths and continue to seek improvement in every aspect of daily business operations; seek staff dedication and loyalty, superior customer service, efficiency in supply chain, better financial and cost management. To reach these objectives, Management will strive to make communication more effective with employees and by brainstorming on important areas of our business/operations, use modern management tools to monitor and improve business performance, add new staff where needed, and to seek greater support from investor relationship. Generally, we want to create an exciting and challenging environment for all our employees, to motivate each other to reach a higher level of job and personal satisfaction. The improved performance mentioned above were all made possible with the active support and hard work of our dedicated staff.
Our Vision: Remain one of top 10 main traders of cash flow, material flow and information flow for world metallurgical industries.
Our Mission: Serve metallurgical industries by providing knowledge, material, and finance.
Our Values: Be most reliable, first degree, value added, process friendly, tech oriented, sustainable, industrial service provider.
After a few years of challenging industry and business environment, Million Link has emerged stronger and with clear goals to take advantage of our strengths to build a stronger and more sustainable business to become a leader in our business.
The Directors wish all employees success in the Year of the Rooster.


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