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Happy Dog Year

To All Staff of Million Link (China) Investment Ltd and her group members.

As the Year of the Rooster comes to end, it gives me great pleasure to report that the Million Link’s financial year 2017 has seen some significant gains. By the end of the current financial year, we may expect to see Turnover increment by 120% to HKD800M, and profit increment respectively, a milestone of the company’s history.
Key account management contributed the output. Focusing on demand of key users and satisfying them by providing wider options, consortium purchase and transport savings, interest savings and cash flow ease is the key contribution to the success. It is sustainable model.
Strategic supplier relationship contributed another part of the growth. When the industry grows, raw material management is more important than anything else. Engagement with a strategic supplier guarantees continuous supply chain.
Spot business contributed to the growth. Spot trade opportunities comes at any time and at any place. Systematically operating a spot trade system of Watching Your Clients works efficiently for sudden demand of sales and/or purchase.
Customer satisfaction is not only a word, it is all about action. The value we bring to our clients, no matter he is a buyer or supplier is our promise and action. Customer is God, supplier is real God. We equally satisfy both of them fairly and by immediate action.
Our team is matured after 25 years continuous service to metallurgical industries. It takes a decade to grind a sword, people says. We spent 25 years to build ourselves up for understanding the industries, skilling our service tools and finding solutions for customer's systematic demand. ISO9001:2015 quality management system provided quality control and efficiency control.
We are widely accepted as registered suppliers and buyers world wide, 10% of world steel productivity and 20% of world bulk ferro alloys productivity welcomed us at 2017. 2018 will start from here.
The industry keeps changing in many ways. The biggest change at 2017 was the most influencer country China changed the way to influence the world, that is organic growth and deproductivity of metallurgical industries. It has been relocating this industries world wide rapidly which may create great business opportunities and risks as well at next 15 year to come.
Financial power raised this year which provides more power to serve bigger business and more clients. Registered capital increment, company real estate appreciation, profit of the year, private fund are all joining power to the company. Trade facility provided by banks has been raised tremendously and be more flexible for bulk commodity trade.
Powerful agents are joining us and providing wider range of market for us.
Strong favourable wind is with us. Ride the wind and go faster to our goal.

Our Vision: Remain one of top level traders of cash flow, material flow and information flow for world metallurgical industries.
Our Mission: Serve metallurgical industries by providing materials, finance, knowledge and distribution channel.
Our Values: Be most reliable, first degree, value added, processing friendly, tech oriented, sustainable, industrial service provider.

For achieving this purpose, the company highly replies on our dedicated and satisfied people.
The Directors wish all employees succeed in the Year of the Dog.

Hill Summer-Managing Director
Metallurgist, commodity trader and financier
Million Link (China) Investment Ltd.


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