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Xinjiang Yili to build a batch of coal-based projects in the next 5 yrs

Northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region would construct a batch of coal-power-coal chemical projects in Yili during the 12th Five-Year plan period, Xinjiang Television reported.

With 600 billion tonnes predicted coal reserves, Yili is one of the region’s four largest coal bases.

In 2011, there will be 12 coal-based projects to start construction in the area, including coal-to-natural gas, coal-to-methanol, coal-to-oil, etc.

Specifically, Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Coal Group Ltd, owned by Guodian Corporation, will commence construction of the first phase of coal-to-natural gas project in May, with annual production of 10 billion cubic meters natural gas.

Meanwhile, China National Coal Group Corp will also start building a 1.8-million-tonne methanol-to-600,000-tonne olefin project in May.

Since 2008, Xinjiang Qinghua Coal Chemical Ltd has invested 5 billion yuan into the first phase of a coal-to-natural gas project, which is designed to have annual output of 11 billion cubic meters.

Upon completion of these projects, a total of 160 million tonnes coal will be converted, 32 times of the current Yili’s coal output, said Wu Jiangsen, vice director of Yili Development and Reform Commission.



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