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We cast a successful company based on the terms of

World class
Reasonably profitable
Sustainable growth
Quality under control
Risk under control

We are specialized in metal producing, trading and inventory to create value for the supply chain.

Metal industry is very cost sensitive thus reducing aggregate cost is the key value to the industry.
We source for our valued customers globally to create comparative cost advantage
We sell for our valued producers globally to realize comparative cost advantage
We structure the supply chain to create continuous comparative cost advantage for linked enterprises
We add power to weak points of the supply chain to have it more valuable
We continuously develop and update unique international logistics map to find and realize comparative cost advantage for metal industry
We share low interest rate in Hong Kong with our clients
We know price turbulence is the key risk of metal industry, taking this risk instead of our clients has extremely important value to the market attendees. We eliminate the risk by many opposite operations for those clients who does not hedge.
We create Low Carbon Million Link by using creative information technology to reduce blind flow of information , workforce and cargoes thus reduce carbon consumption
Quality, service is given , of course, no matter what the business is.
In one word, we provide value for our clients with aggregate cost saving.

Well organized team of Million Link provides all above.

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