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President Speech
Dear Guest:

Million Link was found at 1992 in Hong Kong, specialized in supplying raw materials to iron smetlting, foundry, ferroalloys smelting, aluminium smelting, metal smelting including industrial minerals,noble and bulk ferroalloys, inoculant, carbon raisor, refractories, noble and bulk metals, chemicals, spare parts , equipment and technology. We supply raw materials for chemicals reaction also.

After 14 years development, Million Link is becoming an international well-known companies group with 8 sales/purchase centres in the world.The development of Million Link have our own inimitable ways, not only relying on the rich experience of trade,strict quality control system, extensive international cooperation but also resorting high efficient global interactive trading network which builded on the base of state-of-the-art Internet technology.

With the global in one operation system, we developed from over night response to minutes response. We search the products for you globally , ship it to you from shortest distance away from you.For your requirement, no matter you want to purchase or sale, will be transfer to any possible requied and supplied place in the world within 30 minutes. And you will get most effective revert on your hand in unexpected short time.

ISO9001:2000 certificate was given by China Classification Society Quality Assurance Ltd. at 2004. Exactly following the system and continueously improvement makes us to be reliable cooperator as qualified supplier and buyer.

To be the best trader is our dream. Buyers benefit from our continueous supply , suppliers benefit from on time payment. Promise is promise no matter the promise is by written or by custom.

We over-pass your expection.

Best regards.
Hill Summer-President


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